About Us

The Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education at the University of Winneba, Ajumako campus is one of the academic units established within the University. The Faculty offers undergraduate programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Arts in Nzema, Fante, Dangme, Ewe, Twi, Ga, Dagbani Dagaare, Kusaal, Kasem, Gurunne and Gonja Education. Its mandate is to provide quality language education through teaching, research and dissemination of research findings. Currently, the faculty consist of four departments:

  • Akan-Nzema Education
  • Ewe Education
  • Ga-Dangme Education
  • Gur-Gonja Education

Target Group 

Our mission is to train and prepare students to speak and write the said languages to enable them to teach at the basic and secondary levels of education. Students are also adequately trained to take up jobs like programme presentation, news reading and community education using their language of study thereby bringing the University and the Nation abreast of current state of knowledge and progress in the field of languages.The programme is intended for:

  •  WASSCE/SSSCE Certificate Holders
  • Teachers certificate ‘A’ Holders
  • All who want to be trained in the Kasem, Dagaare, Gonja, Dagbani and Gurune languages, literature and culture.

Faculty Members

Prof. Ephraim Nsoh Avea                                              Principal

Dr.  Charles Owu-Ewie                                                  Ag. Dean

Mrs. Christie Okae                                                        Deputy Registrar

Mr. Emmanuel Kutorglo                                                Assistant Registrar(Admissions)