Call for Abstracts - Zambia-Germany-Mozambique Joint Research Symposium

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in collaboration with the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the National Research Fund (FNI) of Mozambique will host the 3rd Joint Research Symposium from 18th  – 22nd November, 2019, in Lusaka.. The symposium provides a platform for researchers, scientists, and science administrators to share ideas, discuss key issues and developments in multi and interdisciplinary areas, with the aim of igniting networks among scientists and researchers in the participating countries and possible development of joint research projects.  
This year’s symposium will be focused on two (2) thematic areas namely (i) Solar Energy and (ii) Public Health. Conference sessions will be organized around multiple sub-themes as follows: 
1. Solar energy: 
i. Photovoltaic solar Energy and Food Production (Agriculture).
ii. Photovoltaic solar Energy as an alternative energy source for educational and business development institutions in rural and peri-urban Areas.
iii. Photovoltaic solar Energy and ICT.
iv. Renewable Energy and Resource Efficiency/Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
v. Renewable energy resources usage mapping.
vi. The challenges in the implementation of the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (REFIT).
vii. The role of biomass and blue energy in mitigation of global warming.
viii. Home energy management as a basic contribution to the objective 7 of sustainable development.
ix. The communities’ training in use of Solar energy: challenges and opportunities. x. Sustainability of solar systems in Rural and Peri-Urban Communities. 
2. Public Health:
i. Infectious Diseases (i.e. malaria, HIV, Pneumonia and other previously prominent infections)
  • Enhanced disease intelligence including functional anti-microbial resistance surveillance, rational use of drugs etc.
  • New vaccines for remaining infectious pathogens (i.e. typhoid, shigella, ETECH, Viral hepatitis, etc.)
  • New and emerging infectious and epidemic threats vigilance (i.e. Ebola, Zika, H1N1 virus, Chikungunya, Mayaro, Dengue etc.) 
ii. Non-communicable diseases (i.e. Hypertension, diabetes, mental health, oral health and cancers).
  • Health system improvements to specifically adapt to tackling NCDs as it has traditionally/historically responded only to infectious disease
iii. Health system strengthening
  • service delivery
  • health workforce,  
  • health information systems,
  • access to essential medicines, financing,  
  • leadership/governance 
iv. Neonatal care to combat neonatal morbidity and mortality
v. Research and development of products to improve maternal mortality
vi. Animal Human Interface diseases
Interested participants are invited to submit Abstracts of papers in any of the above subthemes.
Abstracts must be structured as follows:
  • Short biography (not more than 100 words)
  • Contact details (address, phone number, email)
  • Abstract (not more than 300 words)

Abstracts must be submitted via e-mail to: The closing date for submission of abstracts is 26th July, 2019 
All abstracts shall undergo peer review by a Review Committee and submitting authors will be notified of the acceptance status of their abstracts by end of August, 2019 
For inquiries, contact Ms. Nsama Mataka or Mr. Lenganji Sikapizye on Tel: 211-255854, Email,