Ms Word For Research | Association of African Universities

The Association of African Universities presents a free training dubbed Ms Word For Research. The training is scheduled to take place as follows:

Date: Thursday 8th April 2021


  • 2:00 PM,
  • 3:00 PM West African time
  • 4:00 PM Central African time
  • 5:00 PM East African time

Discussions And Insights

  • Automating headings and sub heading in respect to the font, size, indentation, space below or above, start/not start on new page etc.
  • Automating style for body of content in respect to font, size, indentation, spacing (double or single) etc.
  • Cross referencing for tables, figures and equations in the body of content etc.
  • Numbering of pages in same documents in roman numbers (i, ii, iii) and Hindu-Arabic numbers (e.g 1,2,3)
  • Putting margins on your document.
  • Formatting tables for APA standard & use of fit-to-content as well as fit-to-page options.
  • Automating table of contents generation.
  • Customizing levels, I, II & III in respect to font, Size, Colour, Spacing & Presence/Absence in table of content.
  • Automated generation of list of tables, figures & equations.
  • Document security through putting passwords, removal of personal meta-data and restriction of copy and paste.

Resource Persons:

Dr. Violet Makuku, Quality Assurance Specialist and Workshop Coordinator at Association of African Universities (AAU).

Karanja Maina, Lead Consultant & Experiential Trainer on Research Dynamics Operationalization at Inklass Consult.