Observation of the 2019 African Universities Week

The Association of African Universities (AAU) is celebrating the 2019 African Universities Week from 11th to 15th November 2019 on the theme: "Towards a Peaceful and Secure Africa through Quality Higher Education".

The AAU is requesting Higher Education Institutions to plan and observe independent events on their respective campuses to mark the African Universities Week.

Deans/Directors/Heads of Departments/Section/Unit are kindly requested to plan and observe the AAU week with:

  1. Workshops
  2. Talks
    • Formal lectures to a specialist audience
    • Talks to a general audience
    • Cabarets, where speakers talk for 10 to 15 minutes
    • Lightning talks, which usually last 5 minutes
  3. Panel discussions
  4. Debates
  5. Meet-ups, mixers, networking events
  6. Museum or gallery tours, exhibitions, displays

Please the concept note for the AAU celebration is accessible at this address