Preliminary Reopening Arrangements | Second Semester, 2019/2020

The Division of Academic Affairs wishes to welcome you back to school for the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

We wish to also bring to your attention the following notices.

  • Please note that for the 2nd Semester registration to be successful, all students who are owing fees need to settle them in full, before the registration deadline.
  • Levels 300 and 400 students would be registering online on OSIS and Level 100 would be registering online on the new ITS software.
  • Levels 200 would be undergoing a manual registration exercise, but are being assured that we are working hard behind the scenes to have them online on the new ITS software in the course of the second semester for them to undergo their online registration exercise.
  • Final year students are to note that they will be required to confirm their full names without initials, date of birth and email addresses at their departments during the registration process. This is mandatory for all final year students. The implications of not doing so mean that your names may not be rightly spelt on your certificates and transcripts when you graduate. Please note that as per the policy on name change in the University for students, you cannot change your name except by marriage. That means that what you provided during the admission process is what you will take out when you graduate. However, there is room for reordering the arrangement of the name and changing initials in your name to the requisite name. In making any of these corrections you must write a letter to the Deputy Registrar Academic Affairs and provide a copy of certificates or a national identification as proof for whatever change you require. The same applies for a correction in your date of birth. 
  • ID Cards for freshers are ready and would be distributed after registration. Students are to remember that the collection of their ID cards is tied to the successful completion of the medical examination for which a chit would be issued. The chit would be required for students to collect their ID Cards.


Thank you.


Deputy Registrar, Academic

Wed, 01/29/2020 - 16:57