Radio Windy Bay presents Windy Kids Talent Academy

Windy Kids’ Talent Academy is the newest talent nurturing event on the social calendar of the people of Effutu. It is an event dedicated to unearthing, nurturing, and showcasing the talents of kids in Effutu and beyond. Participants will be drawn from kids between the ages of 7 and 15 years who will showcase talents in singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments just to mention a few.  

Windy Kids’ Talent Academy will present a myriad of opportunities for the business and commercial sector by enabling access to a market segment that has not been properly analyzed and explored. The event is led and organized by a team of professionals from Radio Windy Bay with support from partner departments in the School of Creative Arts, University of Education, Winneba.

The academy seeks to expose shortlisted children to expert coaching over time that will enable them to grow/nurture their innate talents for life. To achieve the above, WKTA will:

  1. Audition prospective applicants.
  2. The shortlisted applicants will be enrolled in the academy for intensive grooming by selected faculty members from the School of Creative Arts, UEW.
  3. Participants will undertake a series of presentations leading up to three main events slated for December 2022.



The general objective is to create an enabling environment for kids to grow and showcase their innate talents to the general public. (The school community, parents, and fellow participants)

For participants:

  1. To give children recognition of talents.
  2. To provide character‐building lessons during try‐outs, practice, and performances.
  3. To give kids the opportunity to work alongside organizers to expose them to stage performing Arts (music, dance, drama)

For guardians/parent associations:

  1. To provide parents and guardians the opportunity to engage with performing arts teachers, administrators, and other parents to foster a good parent-teacher rapport which is indispensable in the 21st-century teaching and learning experience.
  2. To identify hidden talents of their wards and encourage them to harness them.

For the school community:

  1. To adapt to the concept of the event to guide their co-curricular activities.

For inquiries, call 0243 469 318 / 0545 154 170


Team Members

  1. Mr. Collins Awuku
  2. Edwin E. A. Ferguson
  3. Dr. (Mrs.) Latipher Osei Appiah-Agyei
  4. Dr. Johnson Edu
  5. Mr. Seth. Kwame Takyi Danquah
  6. Ms. Rebecca Robertson
  7. Mr. Bright Fugar