Response to an Interview by the President of GAUA National on UEW

Media Release


For Immediate Release

28th May, 2022


Response to an Interview by the President of GAUA National on UEW

  1. An interview granted to the media by the National President of the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA), Mr. Kwabena Antwi-Konadu, on the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), has come to our attention. He, in the said interview, alleged, among others, the interference of the Chairman of the Governing Council in day-to-day administration, leading to tension at the University.
  2. The impression that the Council Chairman is interfering in the day-to-day administration of the University with his purported order to the Registrar to proceed on leave is rather misleading and completely erroneous. The said decision was taken by Management. The directive does, in fact, apply to all Principal Officers, and a schedule to that effect has been prepared for all Principal Officers.
  3. Again, the picture painted that there is an uneasy tension at the University is very misleading. On the contrary, there is calm on campus with students, staff, and other stakeholders going about their normal business on campus without interference.
  4. We wish to state without doubt that the said interview is ill-conceived and borne out of malice. Under normal circumstances, such an intervention should be triggered by GAUA, local. As it were, there has not been any complaint even by the local union, nor did he confer with them to verify the situation on the ground. If he had done this simple due diligence, he would have known better.
  5. That notwithstanding, it appears GAUA is picking and choosing when it's convenient for their voice to be heard. Since the onset of the UEW issues in 2017, several members of GAUA in UEW have suffered various levels of injustice, ranging from suspension, demotion, punitive transfers, dismissals, and even death. Not even once was GAUA's voice heard on these matters.
  6. The Management wishes to assure all stakeholders that there is a calm and harmonious environment for work, learning and other related business of the University

Thank you.

Mrs. Wilhemina Tete-Mensah.
(Ag. Registrar)