Schedule for Distribution of Certificates

All 2020 graduates are hereby informed that the distribution of certificates is scheduled to commence from Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

All students are entreated to strictly follow the scheduled dates.  Those who come outside the scheduled dates will not be attended to.

Those who are unable to pick their certificates on their scheduled dates shall be required to subsequently pick theirs from the Offices of the Division of Academic Affairs of the various Campuses.

Graduands of College of Technology Education and College of Agriculture Education will pick their certificates from their respective Campuses.

Students should note that they shall be required to produce the following before their certificates are issued to them:

  • clearance forms
  • student identity card or
  • any valid national photo identification card

All COVID-19 protocols shall be observed in the distribution of certificates.

Provision will be made for students to pay and make requests for their transcript of academic record.  All students should note that the transcripts shall be ready TWO WEEKS after the request.

Students are entreated to provide accurate phone numbers and accurate postal addresses for the postage of the transcripts. Due to COVID-19 all transcripts will be posted.


Please click the links below to see the schedule relative to your campus: