Statement of the Governing Council on Disciplinary Action on Two Senior Members of Convocation

The Governing Council of the University, after discussing two reports presented by the University Disciplinary Board at its meeting held on March 28th, 2018, has, relative to the first report, dismissed Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe from the University effective March 28, 2018.  Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Studies ceases to be an employee of the University from the said date.

The University Disciplinary Board that was set up to investigate alleged misconduct of Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe at the 22nd February, 2018 meeting of the Governing Council, found that the actions and attitudes Dr. Bekoe exhibited at the said meeting and at other earlier meetings amounted to gross misconduct and contravened the UEW Disciplinary Rules as spelt out under Schedule G2(b) of the University Statutes. Council is of the view that the cumulative effect of the gross indiscipline and misconduct on the part of Dr. Bekoe that had occasioned several other Council meetings including the instance of the threat to potentially use cutlass and harm members at the said meeting, threatens the lives of members of the Council as well as other members of the University Community working in the interest of the University to the extent of making them feel unsafe in the conduct of their duties. The Governing Council, after discussing the report of the Disciplinary Board, and in accordance with Statute 36, summarily dismissed Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe from the employment of the University effective 28th March, 2018.

The Governing Council, based on the second report of the Disciplinary Board, instituted disciplinary action against Mr.  Epiphany K. Agbeshie, a Senior Assistant Registrar at the Office for Institutional Advancement (OIA), for publishing falsehoods against the Governing Council, the acting Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar, the Search Committee for the appointment of the Registrar, the Academic Board and GAUA members. Council noted that his actions constituted misconduct and insubordination both of which brought the name of the University into disrepute in contravention of Schedule G 2 (b) and (d) of the UEW Disciplinary Rules.

 The Governing Council after discussing the Disciplinary Report, in accordance with Statute 36, has suspended Mr. Epiphany Agbeshie for one year without pay; reduced his rank from Senior Assistant Registrar to Assistant Registrar; asked him to retract all publications that had brought the image of the University into disrepute and which publications stood in his name on all websites and social media platforms; requested that he, through the same media he used for his publications, apologise to the  University Council and Members, the Registrar, the University Community and the general public for publishing falsehood; and, in addition, show evidence of the said retraction and apology to the Registrar.

The Governing Council wishes to reiterate that while it cherishes the exercise of free speech and academic freedom as the solid foundation upon which the University’s intellectual growth is laid and sustained, it, nevertheless, admonishes members of the University Community to exercise these rights with decorum, dedication, honesty and truthfulness and within the ambit of all the rules and regulations applicable for the smooth and effective management and administration of the University.



Chairman, Governing Council