The Management Board of the UEW Research, Innovation and Staff Development Fund (RISDF) invites proposals from UEW Senior Members who wish to access the Research Grant.


The Research Grant is designed to promote collaborative and multi-disciplinary research. To qualify for aresearch grant, beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

  1. Beneficiaries must form a team of between 3 to 5 members; at least 60% of the team members must be UEW staff and students.
  2. Except for starter grants, the team should be led by a Senior Member not below the rank of a Senior Lecturer or its equivalent in UEW and must include at least one UEW Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer or their equivalents.
  3. Team members must come from:
  1. At least two different departments in UEW for small grants
  2. At least one member must come from another disciplinary area or another University in Ghana for medium grants
  3. At least one member must come from another University outside Ghana for large grants.
  1. A member of staff (Senior Lecturer and above) can lead a team only once in any year. However, staff can belong to as many teams as they wish.
  2. There must be an indication that research findings will be published in an approved journal (see appendix III of the RISDF Operational Manual for list of approved journals) or an indication that research findings will be presented at an approved conference.
  3. Approval of grant to team leaders after the second award will require evidence that, that team leader has attracted research funds of at least $5,000.00 from outside UEW.

Click here to Download the Proposal Submission Form.  Further information on the Research Grant can be obtained from the RISDF Operational Manual available under downloads.

Deadline for submission of proposals:31st May, 2017

Proposals should be submitted to: The Department Coordinator (HoD)