Vice-Chancellor’s Welcome Message to Students

I wish to congratulate you, my precious freshmen and women, for your hard work, which successfully propelled you through the highly competitive admission processes into the various programmes at the University. Your admission into this University is a unique milestone because it breathes a new lease of life into our University of Excellence. We, the members of the University community, are delighted that you chose to join us in this academically inspiring and socially exciting fraternity.

I also wish to welcome back to campus, all our continuing students.

As an academic community, we have strived to build and sustain a global centre of excellence for teacher education to help us better live our vision and mission of becoming an internationally reputable institution for teacher education through the training of competent professional teachers for all levels of education as well as conducting research, disseminating knowledge, and contributing to educational policy and development.

We are proud of our excellent collection of Faculty and their contributions to knowledge creation through their teachings, insightful research and publications to help the University better live its mandate and to extend the frontiers of academia in building a better society. You will be learning from some of the best and the brightest in your field of study to challenge your perspectives and curiosity, and to ignite in you the flame that will birth the new generation of professional educators to spearhead the redirection of Ghana’s efforts along the path of rapid economic and social development as well as to help the global community to prosper and overcome current and future challenges.

We are determined here at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), to deliver the best possible student experiences with good timely feedback, excellent personal tutoring and student facilities. We commit to providing our students with quality programmes, activities and services that enhance and enrich their academic experiences.

I implore you to be ready to interact and network with people from diverse backgrounds who will provide you with valuable learning experiences that no teacher will ever teach you. I urge you to use your new-found liberty and exuberance constructively, mindful of effective time management.

As an Academic Community, we are guided by its ethos, traditions, rules and regulations. We will not, therefore, condone extremist activities, discriminatory tendencies and disruptive behaviours that are inconsistent with the traditions of the University.

The University offers vast opportunities in curricular and extracurricular programmes. I urge you to take advantage of our serene and academically stimulating environment to nurture your dreams, discover your talents, careers, advance your skills, reach your fullest potentials, and to make meaningful contributions to society. This will certainly earn you recognition and fulfilment one day. Take advantage of the good sporting and recreational facilities as well as other extra-curricular activities to unwind and improve your mental and physical health from your rigorous academic activities.

Above all, please abide by the COVID-19 protocols rolled out by the World Health Organisation, the Government of Ghana, the Ghana Health Services and the University to Stay Safe!

It is my pleasure to once again welcome and wish you the very best of memorable student experiences at UEW.

Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni, PhD.

Vice-Chancellor, UEW