August 2016


The Department of Economics Education used to be a unit in the Department of Social Science Education (now defunct) within the Faculty of Social Science Education until the Department of Social Science Education was split in the 2013/2014 academic year. The Department of Economics Education has outstanding credentials and is dedicated to student learning and research. The Department therefore provides students with preparation in economic concepts and techniques. The department is located at the Faculty Block, North Campus.

HPERS Education

The Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport (HPERS) was formerly known as the School of Physical Education during the Specialist Training College (STC) in 1958. After 34 years, the institution name (STC) changed to the University College of Education when it met the Educational convention criteria, and the School of Physical Education was renamed HPERS due to the expansion in scope.

Home Economics Education

Name of Department: Department of Home Economics Education.

Date of Establishment: The department of Home Economics Education was part of the Specialist Training College, Winneba. It was integrated into the University College of Education, Winneba in 1992.

Counselling Psychology



The goal of the Counselling Psychology Department is to educate the heart, mind, and hand of students in the art and science of counselling. We seek to train future counselling psychologists in empathetic understanding, unconditional positive regard, and respect for self and clients whether in the school or community. We promote students to become globally competent at home and abroad, by teaching them to become culturally competent in teaching, clinical practice, research, and clinical supervision.