March 2017

GNAAS Marks Ghana’s Independence Celebration with a Clean-Up Exercise

Members of the Ghana National Association of Adventist Students (GNAAS) exhibited attitudes of good citizenship and nation building as they marked Ghana’s 60th Independence Day Celebration with a Clean-Up Exercise at the Faculty Block of the University of Education, Winneba, North Campus.

Members of the Association cleaned all classrooms, toilet facilities and pavements of the Faculty Block on Monday, 6th March, 2017 to help promote good health and improve sanitation in the University.


The Witch of Mopti - Mohammed B. Abdallah


All is set for the historical grand wedding between the king of mopti and Fanta,a fisherman’s daughter. Maimuna, the witch of Mopti is fighting relentlessly for the newly installed king of Mopti to marry her daughter instead of Fanta. Maimuna uses her powerful witch craft to cast curses on the King and also uses her witchcraft to pollute the well from which the people of the community  gets their source of drinking water.

She does this due to the Kings refusal to adhere to her demands  and decides to choose his own wife.


UEW Marks Mother Tongue Day

The University of Education, Winneba has joined the world in marking Mother Language Day Celebration. The global event which was held to promote and create an awareness of linguistics & cultural diversity, multilingualism and peaceful co-existence of diverse language speakers, took place on 21st February, 2017 at the College of Languages Education in Ajumako.


Don’t copy if you want to succeed – Registrar tells Students at Springboard

The Registrar of the University of Education, Winneba, Dr. C.Y. Akwaa-Mensah advised students not to copy if they wanted to succeed in life.

He urged them to carve a niche for themselves and develop personal brands if they wanted to excel in their endeavours. He noted “you don’t need to copy if you want to succeed. You need to carve a niche for yourself." In his view, there was no point for one to imitate another person, to be just like the person, if they could be finer versions of themselves.


World Home Economics Day

The Ghana Home Economics Association (GHEA) respectfully invites you to the World Home Economics Day (WHED).

"World Home Economics Day", celebrated on March 21st each year, is a day set aside globally by International Federation of Home Economics (IFHE) to celebrate, publicise and promote the significance of Home Economics and the Home Economics Profession.

This years' celebration is on the theme:

"Home Economics Literacy for a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle of the Ghanaian Family"

Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Gender Sensitization Workshop

Gender Mainstreaming Directorate will mark the international Women's Day, which is celebrated globally on March 8th. As part of activities to celebrate the day, the Directorate is oraginsing a Gende Sensitization Workshop for all staff of the University as follows:

  • 8th March 2017: Senior
  • 9th March 2017: Senior Members
  • 10th March 2017: Junior Staff

 The Venue is J. N. Aryeetey Auditorium. 


Extension of Library Opening Hours

The University Library is pleased to announce the extension of its opening hours at the Winneba Campus as part of its effort to give enhanced services to patrons.

This has become necessary as a result of several requests from some students to the Library to extend the opening hours because of the limited seating capacity in the Library. The new arrangement means that students would have more time to use the resources of the Library.

We hope that our patrons would continue to take advantage of the extended opening hours as they are doing now.



The Counselling Centre wishes to inform all students that, Group Counselling sessions start from Tuesday, 7th March, 2017.

Counsellors will fix his/her own convenient meeting schedule to enable smooth running of the Group Counselling sessions.   Student should make their cell phone available for easy contact by their Counsellors.

Sessions & Facilitators