May 2017

Association of History Students

To create common forum for the students and teachers of History to actively participate in the decision making structure of the Department.

To ensure that the challenges, grevances and needs of students as well attended.

To organise occasions workshop, exhibition, competition, annual get together and exchange programmes.

To promote professional ethics among members and within profession.

Air Force Cadet, UEW

To Maintain discipline among members and the populate

To awaken the mental, Psychological, physical and educational capacities of student cadet

To study the Basic services of the Ghana Air Force and to promote interest in their duties

Perez Campus Ministry

The PCM - UEW Chapter has a pente costal and chairismataic orientation and believers in totality of the Bible.

We are family church, raising an army of intellectual beleivers reaching our generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ with Miracles signs and wonders following.

Red Cross and Red Creseent Societies

Seravices to the University Communities which include students, staff and community in accordance tot he RCRCS Constitution obligations service to mankind.

Humaritarian activities bring relief by all available means to all disaster affected persons in the communities and university as a whole.

Organise, co-ordinate and direct international, local and regional relief actors in accordance with the principles and rules for Red Cross and Red Crescent disaster Relief adopted by the international conference and more objectives.

Upper East Students Union (UPESU)

Bring students, Lectures and workers of the Region living in and around the University campus and the community together.

Promote the well being of members sensitize members from the region to develop interest in continuous education.

Maintain a link between the Union and other Unions in other Universities.

Sensitize people from the region to maintain peace.

Great Joy Network

Meeting spiritual and material needs of students

Educating and empowering students to be financially independent

Networking with philantropic agencies (Scholarship awarding agencies and NGO's to support the needy on campus