A Historical Overview Of Ecowas Intervention In Sub-Regional Conflicts: The Case Of Sierra

In West Africa, violent intra-state conflicts to the magnitude of the Liberian, and 
Sierra Leonean civil wars were new and unexpected. Such a stable country as Sierra
Leone fell as a result of “apartheid styled” government. When violence broke out, it
was thought and taken as one of those political disturbances that in no way could
result in regime instability. With the war raging, ECOWAS bound by her own policy
of non-interference in purely domestic matters and the international community
watching without any serious commitment to the settlement, ECOWAS was the only
option left to sub-regional leaders. ECOWAS, with the Liberian experience,
intervened and helped restore order to Sierra Leone. This write-up traces the political
history of Sierra Leone and gives an account of the conflict and the management of
the conflict by ECOWAS.

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