A Model of Saints, Wizards and Demons: The Dynamics of Public Policy Implementation

Sustainable socio-economic development cannot be possible without
effective implementation of public policies. Public policy implementation
in Africa has been largely ineffective as a consequence of multifactorial
factors. This theoretical paper undertook a quick overview of some policy
implementation works. The paper identified a complex web of actors
involved in the policy making environment and implementation process,
and draws significant insight from the theoretical perspective from studies
on the saints, wizards, demons and systems. A model of Saints, Wizards
and Demons is proposed to analyse the contribution of policy
implementation actors (i.e. saints, wizards and demons) in the policy
implementation process. This paper suggests that policy implementation
could be improved if the key actors involved in the policy implementation
process are identified within their appropriate ‘implementation functional’
groups. This model is simplified one which seeks to throw more light on
the saints, wizards and demons as the key implementation actors who
determine the rate of success or failure of policy implementation.

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