Numbering the Days for Retirement

Foreword The story of the lives of many people from the working class (formal and informal) ending miserably after giving their all to serve is becoming one too many.

It is an open secret that a good number of people in Ghana, Africa and the world at large; in the prime of their lives (60 years and above) have been bogged down with health, financial or ‘loneliness’ challenges.

Lessons from the challenges, almost all of them,could be traced to what they might have done or ignored to do during their active stages of live. These lessons have been learnt too late, and unfortunately havealso become a one-way gapinghole ‘life travellers’ keep falling into.

It is this knowledge that makes it refreshing for me to identify with this timely book. Reading through it, one finds a very important warning sign post that touches on care for one’s health, finances, social life and ultimately spiritual life.

Do not hesitate to plan and or adopt effective strategies to keep your life along the identified areas healthy at all times. This is because;they vividly capture the most essential aspects of what matters after all is done.

Prof. Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw




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