Representing Disability in the Life Courses of Persons with Disabilities through the Visual Arts: Trajectories, Transitions and Turning Points

For every society, people, and culture,

When we are overwhelmed by excitement,
Overshadowed and overcome by experience and emotions,
When opportunities, science, or sense amuse us,
When the currents of our challenges annoy us,
When nature or nurture embrace or embarrass us,
When divinity, humanity, or society decorate or disable us,
When situations, systems, and structures support, design, or discriminate against us,
When the realms we cannot touch, see or smell invite and engage us,

When we feel liberated or oppressed,
When so much darkness engulfs us,
When so much light illuminates us,
When nomenclature is inadequate,
When taxonomies are insufficient:
To capture the true state of our being,
The hopes of our vision,
The protests of our inner beings,
The beauties of our thoughts,
The challenges or charities of our relationships,
The mess or magnificence of our environment,
The contents or components of our character, culture, or community,
The appreciation or apprehension of our cosmos:

In its diversity and dexterity, and
In its topsy turvy tapestry
When nothing makes sense, or
When everything makes so much sense;
When words, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, phrases, and clauses fail,
When all is said and done and we still want to communicate,
We capture it best in non-verbal, non-oratorical ways

In signs and symbols,
In art, imagery, and representations.

Type of Work: