Rita Fatric Bewong: Fashioned From The Environment, Framed In Time And Finished In Color

This portfolio presents the artworks of a young Ghanaian artist and her practice as one of several female artists working on the contemporary genre in the twenty-first century, in Ghana. It discusses her artworks, her local and international exhibitions and other public engagements. Bewong is one of the artists promoted by the Nubuke Foundation in Accra. She is a daring Ghanaian contemporary artist and teacher with an interdisciplinary practice that transcends the studio and engages the community. Her artworks mainly focus on the natural and built environment and explores themes such as consumarism, discarded waste, loss, death, memory, healing and cultural narratives. With her broad spectrum and exposure however, some of her works touch on other themes such as economics, gender and identity. She uses her art to invite her viewers/patrons to contemplate nature and the environment, question our relationship and interactions with it.

Type of Work: