Have you ever called a friend or tried to find out from several people some short codes to many of the products and services provided by mobile telecommunication services? Why do you have to memorize USSD short codes for all your mobile networks when you can easily access it on your Smart phone?

TelcoBox is developed to remove the inconvenience of interacting with USSD sessions when you delay by sending a single request with a single button.



With its special feature of extracting the PIN from scratch code from any mobile network in Ghana, you can load your airtime with ease.

Mobile Money transaction feature is also embedded in it to remove the inconvenience of USSD sessions timing out when delayed.

This android app works with all mobile networks and supports 4.0 android platforms and above.

The software has ever since earned 4.6 rating on google playstore.



Emmanuel Oduro Koranteng is a third year student of the Department of ICT Education who has special interest in developing desktop and mobile applications. He has developed a significant number of applications which include Bello Temperament Software and the Almighty formula. He together with his team developed a USSD session app for Tigo High Valued Customers last year during an internship programme. The developer has a lot more unfinished applications to be released by the close of this year.

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