Graphic Design


The Department of Graphic Design (DGD) at the University of Education, Winneba in Ghana is well positioned to deliver effectively on its mandated duties. Organized by the effective leadership of previous heads, the Department has not relented in its efforts towards the development of a creativity-driven community of students and staff committed to the active interrelationship of thoughts, procedures and praxis.

The DGD remains resolute in the conviction that training students in the beneficial engagement of their creative sensibilities, intuitive perceptions, feelings, experiences and imaginations, is necessary for our collective efforts towards growth and development.


The programme aims to provide opportunity for the study of an internationally recognized bachelor of arts programme in theory and practice of Graphic Design; develop appropriate research skills; and provide opportunity for producing a sustained body of creative graphic design works for industrial and educational development.


The programme objectives are to assist students to:

i. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Graphic Design research methods through studio practice, library skills, Information Technology, and museum/gallery study;

ii. develop creative, perceptual, conceptual, and practical structures which inform current Graphic Design practice;

iii. organize creative knowledge, practical skills and research abilities into a suitable working framework;

iv. design with end-users as the core of design and production;

v. evaluate and consider own practice within a critical context; and

vi. research and develop ideas for Graphic Design work, and produce artwork that show critical awareness and commensurate technical skills.