Graduate Assistantship Handbook


In 2007, the Academic Board of UEW approved a proposal for the appointment of Graduate Assistants in the various departments.

Though some departments have appointed Graduate Assistants who are helping in the teaching and research work of the departments, there is no document to guide their terms of engagement, hence the need to develop this hand book.

This book is intended to provide information about the various policies and procedures that are used for awarding graduate assistantship positions in UEW.

Who is a Graduate Assistant?

A Graduate Assistant is a graduate student appointed to the job title, Graduate Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant. These are defined according to the emphasis placed on the student employee’s teaching or research responsibilities.

Throughout this text, Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants are referred to as Graduate Assistants.

Objectives for Appointing Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistantships provide:

  • Ways to recruit academically outstanding students who will contribute to the growth of the department/programmes.
  • Work experiences for graduate students that will contribute to their professional development in academic and business settings.