Framewalk - Cross-cultural Workshop

The Department of Theatre Arts of the University of Education, Winneba in collaboration with Kabawil, a Düsseldorf Institute for Cultural Productions and Cultural Education presents Framewalk – the cross-cultural exchange in performing arts for Professional artists and 23 young performers. Framewalk creates an active exchange between the young performers of Ghana and Germany and promotes and expands contacts between professional artists.

The aim of Framewalk is to create a basis for future collaborations in the field of the arts of the participating partners.

As part of the exchange Framewalk operates with artist instructors of dance, music and theatre from Germany and Ghana and with the group of Ghanaian and German upcoming artists on the topic of Mum/Home3 (breath). This topic is explored and researched through the arts.

The power of differences in cultures, cultural techniques, cultural imagery and traditions will be artistically researched. It is about encounter, exchange, communication and orientation, and about another opportunity to further develop cultural education and to allow the trans-cultural Kabawil concept of art belonging to be shared and to grow.

At the end of the very intense exchange there is a final public presentation. The Framewalk activities will be portrayed and documented in film, photo and text.

For the past 10 years Framewalk has been collaborating with different countries in Africa and Europe on the basis of going and coming. Both groups should have the opportunity to experience everyday life of the other.

It is important for Framewalk to provide opportunities, exposure and similar experiences for all participants of this collaboration, now and in the future. 

Petra Kron, Artistic Director, Project Development

Event Date: 
Friday, April 12, 2019



Central Campus, UEW

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