2021/2022 Fresh Visually Impaired Students of UEW Undergo Orientation at Braille Library

The University of Education, Winneba's (UEW) Braille Library, North Campus, Winneba, hosted an orientation for fresh visually impaired students for the 2021/2022 academic year.

The students were exposed to how to access the diverse equipment at the Braille Library to improve their studies and stay relevant at the University.  

Some students with special needs at the Braille Library

The University Librarian, Mr. Viscount B. Buer, noted that the UEW Braille Library was established for students with special needs because the University values information in its students' endeavours.

He told them how fortunate they were to be part of the 2021/2022 academic year freshmen, explaining that before the Braille Library was established in 2018, their predecessors had to travel to other universities to have their materials conciliated to Braille. As a result, he urged them to make the most use of the resources at their disposal.

UEW Librarian, Mr. Viscount Buer reassures the special needs students of their readiness to assist them in accessing materials at the library

Mr. Buer reassured the students that at UEW, they are in good hands. He encouraged them to seek help from any of the Braille Librarians at any time. He also asked the students to feel free to express themselves, participate in discussions and make compelling contributions during group studies.   

The Braille Librarian, Mrs. Efua Mensah Ayiah, explained to the students that her department's job is to serve them and that it is the staff's responsibility to help the visually impaired students gain access to all of the information that the sighted students have because both the sighted and the visually impaired are examined on the same scale.

Braille Librarian, Mrs. Efua Mensah Ayiah

She urged students to utilise the computer rather than the hand frame more often so that they can at least type their own assignments on the computer because the world advances technologically every day.