The Association of History Students has been awarded as the best club  in the University for 2016/2017 Academic year at the NUGS Excellence Awards Ceremony.

The Association was established in 2013 with the objective to create a common forum for the students and teachers of history to actively participate in the decision making structures of the Department and to ensure that the challenges,grievances and needs of students are met.The association also organises occasional workshops,exhibitions,competitions,annual get- togethers and also promote professional ethics among members.

For the 2016 /2017 academic year, the association made the following achievements:

  • Introduced students Seminar
  • Introduced ASHIS keep fit club
  • Supplied Tigo sim cards to support academic research and social media interaction
  • Bought a book "Shackles in Darkness" for the Departmental Reading Room
  • Organized a workshop for students and awarded free certificates
  • Introduced Association Cloth
  • Bought sporting materials such as "Ludu","Oware" etc. for the  association
  • Won the soccer competition organised by five departments during the first semester
  • Had  full videos and picture records of all ASHIS activities since first semester
  • Organised two educational trips with the most famous one being a  tour of four regions in Ghana
  • Played a key role in establishing History Students Association of Ghana 

Photos:Eric Kofi Gyimah, History Department