Atekyedo M/A Basic School Benefit from Free Hearing Screening

The Centre for Hearing and Speech Services (CHSS) under the Faculty of Educational Studies has organised a free hearing screening exercise for Atekyedo M/A Basic pupils. 

The exercise which serves as part of the University’s social responsibilities to communities in and around Winneba focused on some rural communities since pupils at such vicinities rarely visit CHSS for ear assessment and management. 

Mr. Sesi Collins Akotey, Department of Special Education, speaking to some of the pupils

Speaking to an Audiologist/Assistant Lecturer, Department of Special Education, Mr. Sesi Collins Akotey raised hopes of managing and improving academic abilities of pupils diagnosed of hearing loss.

“Indeed, if a student has even a mild hearing loss that could impact negatively on his or her studies. So, if as a result of any condition in the ear you are unable to hear the teacher well, it can impact negatively on the child’s learning. So generally, we are hoping this exercise will help us see those who have problems and manage them to improve their academic abilities.” He said.  

The team from the Centre for Hearing and Speech Services

Mr. Akotey indicated that his outfit had a screening van, fully equipped with water, heater and electricity source that facilitated their work in the rural communities. He stated that the van had broken down and he beseeched Management of the University of Education, Winneba to make efforts to get the van back on road.  “We hope to get our van next year to improve services year after year or month after month.”

Over 90 pupils and teachers of the Atekyedo M/A Basic School engaged in the free hearing screening exercise. They were taken through Otoscopic examination, Pure Tone Audiometry and Basic Ear Care.

The screening team busily examing pupils and teachers