Off-Campus access e- resources

UEW Library has introduced off-campus access to its e-resources for students and staff. To access any University Library’s e- Resources (such as JSTOR, Emerald etc.) you need to be identified as a UEW student or staff to have free access.

On- Campus access of e-resources

When you are on campus it is very easy to access the e- Resources. Simply connect your computer to the Internet via the University’s network:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Library
  3. Click on e-Resources
  4. Clink on the link of the database you want to search.

Off- Campus access

When you are off- campus or on a private network (i.e. with Vodafone modems, MTN modems, or any other network outside UEW Network infrastructure), you will need to use the Off-Campus Access to access the e- Resources as shown below:

From the University main site

  1. Click on Library
  2. Click on the Off-Campus Access
  3. Then Login with your UEW credentials

For students, use Moodle Username and Password (Student ID No. ; Admission No.)

Username: 6140210214 (Student ID No.)

Password: 313620 (Admission No.)

For staff, use UEW Email


​​Password: Pass124worD