CIP and UCN Lecturers Interact with Department of Theatre Arts

Lecturers from the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) have visited the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Education, Winneba (UEW), to learn about some Ghanaian indigenous dances and practices.

The visit was part of the International Fellows Week celebration organised by the Centre for International Programmes (CIP), UEW in collaboration with the UCN.


The foreign lecturers and UEW students practising a Danish dance called "six rounds"


The UCN lecturers were treated to a staged drama by the Department of Theatre Arts and engaged some selected students from the School of Creative Arts, UEW, for a dance workshop. Ms. Stinne Nygaard Rossing from UCN led the UEW students and UCN lecturers through a Danish dance called "six rounds."

The Dean of CIP, Prof. Charles K. Assuah, in welcoming the UCN lecturers to UEW on behalf of Management, commended the representatives for coming down to UEW to share with them their teaching skills, and experiences and to familiarise themselves with the University community.    


Prof. Assuah (middle) welcoming the UCN lecturers to UEW on behalf of Management


He also encouraged them to feel at home in the friendly environment of the university and looked forward to stronger and deeper bonds between the universities.

The team proceeded to a workshop at the North Campus Mini-Conference Room with Dr. Thomas Kjargaard and Rasmus Lalin Philkj taking participants through “Reflective Practice-Based Learning (RPL)” and “the School System and the Practicum in Denmark” respectfully.


Rasmus Lalin Philkj (left) and Dr. Thomas Kjargaard


Rasmus Lalin Philkj spoke to participants about the Danish school system and how students are treated in Danish elementary schools, while Dr. Kjargaard defined RPL as the planning of teaching and learning activities based on specific needs and characteristics of the individual study programme, subject, lesson, and purpose.

Meanwhile, the team also visited some basic schools in Winneba to assess the general performance of both the international and local UEW interns who did internships there.   

The schools included Rev. Father John Memorial School around the Central Campus of UEW, University Practice Primary School C at South Campus, University Practice Primary School at North Campus, and Don Bosco Catholic Primary School.  


The team having interactions with teachers and pupils of the basic schools they visited


The heads of the various basic schools expressed gratitude to UEW and UCN for sending their students to their schools for the internship, adding that their presence at the schools benefited the students and relieved the teaching staff of some of their responsibilities.

The representatives from UCN were, Bente Metrete Hansen, Rasmus Lalin Philkj, Mette Brink Jensen, Stinne Nygaard Rossing, Dr. Thomas Kjargaard, Dr. Marianne Oksbjerg, and Dr.  Anne Lassen Zakaria while the representatives from CIP were the Dean, Prof. Charles Assuah; Vice-Dean, Dr. Harrison Golo and Assistant Registrar, Mr. Seth Tompoli.