COLTEK Organises Fashion Show and Exhibition

The College of Technology Education, Kumasi (COLTEK) was the centre of attraction from April 13-14, 2018 as it organised its maiden Fashion Show, and the annual Catering and Fashion Exhibition. Dynamic fashion products and food varieties by final-year Fashion Design and Textile, as well as Hospitality and Tourism students respectively of the College were showcased to demonstrate some of the things they had learnt for their four years of study.

The Fashion Show and Exhibition, which had the theme, 'Shifting Paradigms: Fashion and Creativity' offered a thrilling experience to fashion lovers who found themselves spoilt for choice on delectable and novelty fashion designs including wedding gowns, suiting designs, casuals, children’s wears, and jump suits as well as accessories including bead works, hats and footwear.

The Head of Department (HoD) for the Fashion Design and Textile Education (DFDTE) at COLTEK, Mr.Isaac Abraham said at the official opening of the event on April 13, 2018 the fashion show was mainly to display the reality of some of the exhibits. “The motivation to organise this event is to bring to the world the wonderful products of the students who have been adequately groomed not only to teach but also built up in confidence to venture into entrepreneurship”. He stressed.

Mr. Abraham asked industry players to take interest in the activities of the DFDTE and urged potential candidates (both local and international) with interest in Fashion and Textiles to enroll at the Department since COLTEK offered one of the best training in the field.

HoD for the Hospitality and Tourism Department, Dr. Gilbert Owiah Sampson said the Department had committed itself to exposing students to knowledge of preparing both traditional and exotic cuisines with particular attention on traditional meals that were endangered.

“Some innovative foods we have on display are Prekese Biscuit, Pre-somix Soup Spices, Tidate Drink(tiger nuts, date and ginger); Octopus Powder (rich in proteins and unsaturated fats); Seruasba Taro Flour; Casia Cup Cake; Datico Shake (Tigernuts, coconut Date and Honey for controlling diabetes); Baoba Ice Cream; Special Bread; Geamet Clams Shito; Cocoyam Pottage and Corcut Pudding”. He listed.

Chairing the official opening, the Vice-Dean of Student Affairs at COLTEK, Rev. Dr. Joseph Mbawuni suggested that the Department of Catering considered operating a mini restaurant on campus. He explained that such a venture would provide a better opportunity for students to learn and sharpen not only their cooking skills but pick up the entrepreneurial skills that could come in handy after school.

He commended the students for the delectable meals they had displayed and hoped that they would not complete school only to go and join the graduate unemployed association but venture into their own businesses.

As part of its drive to bolster entrepreneurial skills of students, Management of COLTEK not only made entrepreneurship central to most courses on offer at the College but has committed itself to giving a facelift to various Departments including the DFDTE and the Hospitality and Tourism Department.

For instance, the DFDTE currently boasts of some of the most modern industrial machines, dress forms with measurements (dummies), drafting tables, spacious workshops and top notch academic and administrative staff who are ever on hand to help out students on their every need.