COLTEK Organises Orientation for National Service Personnel

The Department of Human Resource (DHR) at the College of Technology Education, Kumasi (COLTEK) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has organised a day’s orientation and training for 117 National Service Personnel posted to COLTEK for the 2017-2018 service period.

The DHR, through the orientation and training, sought to expose the personnel to key information necessary for their proper integration into the UEW system so the University could derive optimal benefit from their year-long service. Topics treated included “Organisational Ethics, Culture and Values of UEW” as well as “Rules and Regulations of Work.”

The Head of Department of Human Resource, Mrs. Goddana M. Darko, in her remarks, indicated that her outfit took cognisance of the fact that as fresh graduates, the personnel might only have little or no work experience and therefore, the need to help them to adjust in order to fit into the work environment. She admonished the personnel to play strictly by the various rules and regulations as well as policies that govern operations of the UEW. "These would be exposed to you by various speakers to help you to find the service period as productive and fulfilling as possible", she said. She again stressed “You cannot work with us and not pay heed to authority”. She then advised the ladies, particularly, to be modest with their dressing to work, saying “this is an official environment, your dressing must be official anytime you are coming here because the image of this university is very important”.

The Head of Academic Affairs, Mr. Charles Baba Campion who spoke on “Organisational Ethics, Culture and Values of UEW”, emphasised that the University had no tolerance for negative behaviours since its thriving thus far, had followed a deliberate effort to remain excellent in all it did. “You shall receive verbal and written warnings, but persistent recalcitrance will ultimately lead to your sacking”, he explained. In his view, attributes of integrity, accountability, commitment and teamwork were crucial to the success of any individual in a working environment. Therefore, he urged the personnel to endeavour to cultivate and exude such attributes in addition to displaying, at all times, respect to authority and hardwork. “Moreover, you need to be cordial, be generous with praise, friendly and helpful, considerate with the feelings of others, eager to lend a helping hand and maintain a good sense of humour, a huge dose of patience and a dash of humility”, he added.

The Coordinator at the Office of the Vice-Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Abraham Attoh encouraged the service personnel to learn the act of effective communication. “For this one year that you are here with us, commit yourselves to hardwork, be prepared to learn on the job so that you would be adequately prepared for the job market after the national service”, he advised.