Department of Economics holds Educational Seminar

A departmental research seminar has been organised for staff and students of the Department of Economics Education on 23rd September, 2016 at the Faculty Block.

Speaking on the theme “Natural Resource Governance”, the Director of Research at the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), Prof. Joe Amoako -Tuffour, enlightened the audience on how best the available natural resources can be put to maximum use.

He noted that Natural Resource Governance simply refers to individuals or citizens having control over the natural resources which are free gifts of nature. He said that natural resources are resources that exist without the actions of mankind. He distinguished between renewable and non-renewable natural resources in Ghana.

The speaker pointed out that in extracting theses natural resources, there is the need to consider the future generation and to develop the natural resource capital into different types of capital such as human, social and physical capital. He stated that in extracting the natural resource, the state, society and the developer (stakeholders) should adhere to the rules and instruments enacted to control the use of these resources. He emphasized that Ghana’s resources are fast depleting due to the negative activities of man and entreated participants to be fully committed towards guarding the natural resources.

He further urged the audience to be accountable in order to be able to govern properly the natural resources at our disposal. This is because these natural resources have a revenue generating capacity and if properly managed, can bring about economic development. The Head of Department of Economics Education, Anselm Komla Abotsi (PhD) Chaired the Seminar. Other Senior Members present included Jim Weiler (PhD), Emmanuel Carsamer (PhD) and Mr. Alhassan Atta-Quayson all lecturers in the Department of Economics Education. Source: Dr. Anselm Komla Abotsi

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