Department of Home Economics Holds Annual Exhibition Show

As part of its end of second semester activities, the Department of Home Economics Education organised its annual exhibition and fashion show. The exhibition and fashion show took place on 16th May, 2018 at the Forecourt of the Department of Home Economics.

The show which is done every academic year involved level 400 and 300 students of the Department. It is to showcase the knowledge and skills the students have acquired from the training they were exposed to.

On display were decorated cakes and other sugar crafts, clothing items, floral designs of all kinds, fascinators, purses, among others. It was also a commemoration for the level 400 students as the exhibition show was their last practical activity on campus.   

According to the Head of Department, Ms. Theresa Amu, the exhibition and fashion show indicates how prepared the final year students of the Home Economics Education department are for the world of work.

Per their training/education, they are professional teachers and can also use the skills they have acquired to establish small scale businesses in the clothing and hospitality industries in addition to the teaching profession.