The Division of Human Resource Organizes Health Training for Staff of the Estate Section

The Division of Human Resource in partnership with the Estate Section has organised a workshop on the health needs of staff of the Section. The workshop was held on 2nd February, 2017 and attended by 35 members of staff of the Section.

In his welcome address, the Schedule Officer, Staff Training and Development at the Division of Human Resource, Mr. Isaac Darkoh, on behalf of the Deputy Registrar, stated that the training was meant to sensitize them on the need to take their health matters seriously and work towards ensuring that they stay healthy at all times. He added that, it will improve their attitude towards their work and will reflect on their work delivery. The training treated three topics, which were: Attitude Towards Work (Mr. Augustus K. Brew), Managing Life from a Spiritual Perspective (Dr. Kwesi Nkum Wilson) and Managing Life from Health Perspective (Dr. Mrs. Beth Offei-Awuku).

The Senior Assistant Registrar in charge of the Junior and Senior Staff Unit at the Division of Human Resource, Mr. Augustus K. Brew, took participants through topics such as punctuality and regularity at work, exhibiting good sense of maturity, being delighted and proud of work, being professional in work delivery, being judicious in the use of resources and healthy interpersonal relationship.

He urged participants to be responsible and committed to duty and to exhibit a high sense of professionalism in their work. He asked them to be judicious in the use of resources needed for the effective and efficient performance of their duty.

The Director of Health Services, Dr. Beth Offei-Awuku, led participants to discuss issues on social, emotional and mental health of an individual. Speaking on Social Health, she advised that the key to effective social health was good interpersonal relationships with others which include strong communication skills, empathy for others and a sense of accountability. In contrast, traits like being withdrawn, vindictive or selfish can have a negative impact on social health. She added that stress is one of the most significant threats to a healthy relationship. She suggested effective means of managing stress through proven techniques such as regular physical activity, deep breathing and positive self-talk.

Touching on Emotional Health, she pointed the need for participants to work without any negative mindset. She urged them to avoid certain activities and lifestyles that impact negatively on their emotional health later in life such as reduction of their ages to qualify them for work, which affects their health later in life.

Addressing Mental Health: Dr. Offei-Awuku entreated participants to be conscious of their diet. She advised them to have regular medical check-ups and exercise regularly. She further advised them to have a good rest after work and abolish any form of deviant behavior that would be detrimental to their health.

Speaking on Managing Life from Spiritual Perspective, the Head of Department for Psychology and Education, Rev. Dr. Kwesi Nkum Wilson, said spiritual health is a highly individualized concept that is measured by the amount of peace and harmony an individual experiences in his day-to-day life. He expressed the need for participants to take their spiritual life seriously regardless of their religious affiliation. He said “God did not design mankind to die early in active working service” He explained to participants the negative effect of fear on a person’s life. He noted that fear is a false element that kills so they should kill fear before it kills them. He advised participants to take care of their children, so that they can in turn take care of them in their old age.

Participants were grateful to the Division of Human Resource for organizing the workshop and requested that such trainings should be held regularly to address challenges they face in their personal and working lives.

Source: Division of Human Resource