Dr. Eric D. Ananga has been nominated as the Secretary of GERA

Dr. Eric D. Ananga has been nominated as the Secretary to the Ghana Education Research Association (GERA) at the just ended 2nd International Conference on Education and Research for Development in Africa (ICERDA) held from 3rd to 5th October 2016 at Alisa Hotel, Accra.

The Ghana Education Research Association is the Ghanaian and the first African wing of the World Education Research Association (WERA). GERA aims to bring together the education research community to promote quality education research to advance the field of education research and knowledge for policy and practice in Education. 

GERA offers the education research community a platform to share knowledge and skills in education research, engage in collaborative research locally and internationally, and promote high quality education research to inform policy and practice of education in Ghana. The Association will promote the value of education research for national development, provide a code of ethics for research in education sensitive to the Ghanaian context, and ensure that education research is used to address the educational needs of all in Ghanaian society. 

GERA will also encourage education research that deepens knowledge and understanding of education that promotes the total well-being of children, youth and adults in Ghana. It will encourage the community of education researchers in Ghana to engage in research that can illuminate education policy and practice for national development.  Through the GERA, education researchers in Ghana will contribute to the mission of the World Education Research Association  

The specific objectives of GERA are the following:

  • Advance high quality education research in Ghana
  • Facilitate engagement of the education research community with practitioners and policy makers to improve the quality of education
  • Promote evidence-based education research to inform education policy and practice
  • Provide national code of ethics for education research
  • Build the capacity of researchers in Education to produce high quality research that contributes to national and global debates on education
  • Promote the value of education research for national development
  • Promote scholarly works in education in Ghana
  • Provide a platform for exchanging ideas and information about education research in all the fields of education
  • Promote publication of high-quality education research for the Ghanaian Education Research community and the general public
  • Facilitate engagement with the World Education Research Community