IDeL to Establish a Study Centre at Ghana Military Academy

The Institute for Distance and e-Learning (IDeL) will soon set up a Study Centre at the Ghana Military Academy and Training School, Accra-Teshie, to train military officers for their professional and personal development.   

The institution will design and offer some market-driven contemporary security-conscious programmes to arm security officers in the country as well as help reinforce the nation’s security services. 

This was made known by the Director of IDeL, Prof. Francis Owusu Mensah, at the opening ceremony of a five-day workshop on the Registration of Courses Online via the University of Education, Winneba’s ITS for Centre Coordinators and Administrators. 

“Recently, the Military Academy and Training School approached IDeL with the request to partner them in the training of their staff and to offer some programmes for their staff’s professional and personal development. As I speak, all the necessary arrangements have been done. So, very soon, we will have a Study Centre at the Military Academy and Training School to train military officers,” he affirmed. 

 Prof. Owusu-Mensah during the opening ceremony of the five-day workshop for Centre Coordinators and Administrators

The Director also commended his workaholic staff for their efforts and contributions to the elevation of IDeL to a College. 

“This success story of IDeL being elevated to CoDeL is not the work of only those people here. Every one of you worked so hard. In my presentation of the proposal for the elevation at the Academic Board, I used three major reasons IDeL has come of age and must be upgraded to a college. 

“We started IDeL with four programmes in 1998 but now we have 20 programmes. When we started in 1998, we had 198 students which have now grown to almost 28,000. When we started, we had four Study Centres; Hohoe, Kumasi, Winneba and Tema. Now, we have 40 and are in the process of adding eight more to it. 

“These are all due to the hard work that you put into it such that now, IDeL is soaring very high. So, we need to invest in you so that together we can raise the image of the College. The four days that you are going to spend here are actually going to make you do a lot of practical hands-on work. It is not like the other workshops where this one will come and talk and go for another to come and do same throughout the four days. 

“If you look at the timetable, it is only today that you’re going to be taught the formulas; the rest is about actual work. So, we don’t expect any excuses going out and coming in. I want you to put in your maximum efforts in whatever activity that takes place here so that we can continue to move higher,” Prof. Mensah remarked.  

Deputy Registrar of IDeL, Mr. William Agyei-Bieni

The Deputy Registrar of IDeL, Mr. William Agyei-Bieni, on his part, indicated that “barely two years ago, the University of Education, Winneba bought a new software for students’ records, accounting, admissions and registration purposes”. 

He added that “using this for the past two years, we are just about to be enrolled on this aspect of the new software the University bought, the IT integrator. We have found it necessary, therefore, to bring the coordinators and administrators here to take you through the new school so that you also acquaint yourselves with the new software the University purchased some time ago so that you are not left out. In this way, you can register our students on that new software, as well as assist them to access their portals and other aspects related to this”.