Kingdom Books to Complete Construction of Purpose-built UEW Bookstore

The Director, Works and Physical Development, University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Arc. Grace Oppong-Peprah has hinted that Kingdom Books and Stationery Limited (KBSL) would complete the construction of a purpose-built UEW bookstore latest by 23rd November, 2020. 

Arc. Oppong-Peprah indicated that the contractor was on track to complete the project on time. She, therefore, expressed assurance that it would be completed and also be ready for use latest by 23rd November. 

She disclosed this in an interview with the Media Relations Unit at her office on Tuesday, 6th October, 2020. 

Arc. Grace Oppong-Peprah

“The construction was earmarked for four months. We are about three months into the construction and so the contractor is on track, except that we had issues with the specifications of certain materials but as I speak to you now, they have been resolved accordingly. 

 “We have made much progress.  So, by the 23rd of November, the facility should be ready for use.  The fundamental basis of the agreement is for us to provide facilities that will enable us effectively carry out our mandate. And so, the agreement with KBSL is fashioned in the form of Public-Private partnership where they are going to rent the facility but we have some regulatory role over whatever they are coming to do within the space,” she averred.  

The Public Relations Officer, UEW, Mr. Ernest Edu Azutiga, in brief submission stated “the University wanted to render a service which would ensure that its students and staff have access to  essential educational materials, a service that goes a long way to also benefit the community and if UEW could do so with the help of a private company, then the University is on course to effectively deliver on its mandate. The most important thing is not what we will get financially from it but that key service that we are rendering to realise our mandate.” 

Mr. Ernest Edu Azutiga

Management of the UEW signed a commencement agreement with KBSL on Wednesday, 17th June, 2020 to grant KBSL access to begin the construction of a purpose-built bookshop from existing infrastructure at the University’s North Campus. However, the contractor used two weeks to design the new edifice and started construction work on 21st July, 2020. 

The purpose-built UEW Bookstore, when completed, would have a bookshop floor, warehouse area, external works, and exclusions. It would also be the one-stop shopping point for students, staff, and the entire Effutu community for educational materials.