LABTECH International Limited Explores Partnership with UEW to Boost TVET

A team from LABTECH International Limited  has paid a visit to the College of Technology Education, Kumasi Campus, to interact with Management and explore the possibility of partnering with UEW. The visit was facilitated by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) as part of their efforts to develop the country’s technical and vocational education.

During the visit, the team from LABTECH International made extensive presentation to the COLTEK  Management, Deans of Faculty and Heads of Department on the company’s expertise and areas where it could better support to improve the College’s already unparalleled technical and vocational education offerings.

COLTEK Management and staff who received the LABTECH representatives were impressed with the offerings of LABTECH and expressed interest in engaging the company to provide simulators and digital laboratories for Technical and Vocational training to help lecturers and learners to acquire 21st century competencies that were crucial to societal need and industry demand.

The Acting Principal of COLTEK, Prof. Frederick Kwaku Sarfo was of the view that LABTECH had innovative ideas and capacity to help improve the College’s educational and research activities.

Mr. Brad Ker stressing a point during his presentation to the COLTEK Management

He observed that the company could help to upscale the knowledge of TVET teachers to operate with 21st century competencies, improve TVET curricular for it to be in line with modern demands; develop modern equipment and help to set up laboratories and where necessary, set up virtual laboratories as well as tailor-made simulators to further enhance teaching and learning in the TVET area. He therefore, thanked MoE and NCTE for the move and LABTECH for offering to help make COLTEK’s TVET programmes rank among the best in the world.

The Business Development Executive of the Company, Mr. Brad Ker who led the LABTECH Team to COLTEK, indicated that the Indonesian company is typical for using western educational approach and technology and then adapting it to individual country requirements. In order to ensure their effective operations, he said, the company uniquely aligns itself with the needs of Vocational Technical Schools, Polytechnics, Universities and Training Institutes around the world to which it designs trainers that teach students employable skills that are relevant for supporting the development of technology for industrial and consumer needs. 

Ag. Principal of COLTEK, Prof. F. K. Sarfo (left) and Mr. Brad Ker, Team Leader from LABTECH Ltd. in a discussion

He said, “We also have a network of industry and technology partners that enables us to widen our product offerings and better align our objectives with the end result of producing employable skills”.

Subsequent to that meeting, MoE, NCTE, COLTEK and LABTECH would meet for further discussions, possibly to firm up decisions of common interests, later in the year.


LABTECH International Limited is one of the world's largest manufacturers of technical education (TVET) equipment and trainers and also participates in the development of the next generation learning systems. Established in 1985, the company designs and produces training systems for TVET programmes in areas including Automotive and Transportation Technologies; Renewable Energy and Green Technologies; Electronics and Communication Technologies;Electrical and Automation Technologies; Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technologies, Information and Communication Technologies; Mechanical Mechanisms for Mechanical Engineering as well as ICT Training System Areas. The company currently supplies equipment to over 75 countries around the world with over 1000 training systems in eight key technology areas.

Some of the COLTEK Management and academic staff listening to the presentation