Make Safety Your Priority


  • Personal property should never be left unattended. Take such items with you when you are leaving the office, classroom or hall of residence or hostel.
  • Always lock your door when sleeping, and when you leave your hall of residence or hostel.
  • Protect all valuables in your room or office, and do not leave valuables in plain view.
  • Avoid walking alone at night or dark places, and refrain from taking shortcuts.
  • Places to avoid at night include the foot path linking Old Pavilion and Faculty Block; foot path linking Old Pavilion and Klimovic Junction; Awake Gate; rough road linking Graduates Hall and University Hall (GETFUND); foot path linking the Faculty Block and University Practice School; and the Lagoon Gate Area at South Campus.
  • Report all thefts and property losses immediately to the campus security.
  • Cooperate with District/Divisional Police and assist with investigations and prosecution.

Source: Security Directorate, UEW