Orientation for Level 100 Students in History Department

The Department of History Education had its orientation for the fresh students on 31 August 2016. The Head of Department, Staff Members, National Service Persons, fresh students, and some few continue students were present at the gathering. The Head of Department opened the forum by welcoming all the level 100 students into the university. He also introduced the students to various projects carried out by the Department and encouraged the students to participate in all the projects.

Lecturers and other members of the department also advised the students on different issues concerning their students’ lifestyle on campus. The students were advised to take their studies seriously and forfeit indiscipline and immoral lifestyles on campus. The students were also encouraged to do a lot of reading and enjoy campus life in moderation.

Misconceptions from other departments that history courses were difficult were addressed, and the few continues students that passed through were impressed with the tremendous increase in student enrollment in the department.