A Second Year ICT Student Develops A Social Media Platform - 'MyConnections'

About 'MyConnections'

'MyConnections' is solely for University Students to enable them have a new social life on the internet; by enabling them chat privately, send and receive emails, and have newsfeeds to enhance all aspects of their academic endeavours.


Software Features

The social platform:

  1. Allows people to sign up without giving out their personal information,
  2. Recognises people’s membership and grants them access onto the platform,
  3. Allows people to customize their profile,
  4. Gives users the ability to upload and store their person files,
  5. Gives users the ability to connect with other people,
  6. Enables an environment from which users can send mail, send messages, and chat,
  7. Keeps users up to date with what’s happening in their activity through their timeline,
  8. Brings to users all the various top-stories and news feeds,
  9. Gives users the ability to post images and to rate other users' posts,
  10. Allows users to comment on specific post and comments.


About the Developer

Godfred Abeiku Mills is an ICT student at the Department of Information and Communication Technology Education in the University of Education, Winneba. He is currently in level 200. He has a keen interest in web development.