The Software and Talent Exhibition Contest was a scheduled activity as part of the INFOCTESS (Information and Communication Technology Students' Society) Week Celebration held on 5th April, 2017 at the Main Computer Laboratory of the Department of ICT Education. The purpose of the event was to encourage students to showcase their innovative ideas and build on their talents in the ICT field. There were five contestants in the exhibition.

The first exhibition was the Telco Box developed by Emmanuel Oduro Koranteng, a third year student. His software solves the inconvenience in interacting with the USSD session when there is a delay in sending a single request with a single button.

The second exhibition was the Soft-tech Web Builder. It’s an IDE for web design and was designed to assist beginners on how to build a software. Three (3) second year students: Benjamin Antwi, Redolf Osei and Emmanuel Sarpong were the developers of this software.

Emmanuel Amegbleame presented the third exhibition on MySolution Doctor. The software helps in unit conversion and the calculation of basic shape formula.

UEW Quick Access was presented by Jonathan Appiah, another third year student. The software is used to access the official page of the University of Education, Winneba without typing the web address.

The exhibition ended with a presentation from a second year student, Kudjo Divine Kweku. He developed the Stapello Educational Game. The game helps learners to solve puzzles and answer quizzes.

The winner of the contest was Emmanuel Oduro Koranteng developer of the Telco Box software; for more on Telco Box, click here.

Last year, the contest was won by Joseph Kwarteng, now a final year student who developed a Talk App software for hearing and visually impaired students.

Also, check out, a vibrant website designed by four (4) second year students of the Department of ICT Education.

The climax was the INFOCTESS 2017 election of new executives. Victor Kporgbe, a second year student won the Presidency with Agnes Ayariga Atanga, also a second year student, as the Vice-President.