UEW Business Students Encouraged to Put Theories into Practice for Greater Success

UEW Business Students Encouraged to Put Theories into Practice for Greater Success

The Dean of the School of Business, University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Prof. Braimah Awiasu Imurana, has exhorted students to challenge their minds, think critically, and apply ideas in real-world situations to be more successful.    

He emphasised that students' inability to apply what they had learned in school is what defines 21st-century illiteracy rather than their capacity to read and write.


The Dean of the School of Business urging students to put ideas into practice for greater success


"Theoretical knowledge is essential. I find it disturbing when people assert that lecturers merely impart theory since, without theory, it would be difficult for one to perform his duties as a professional. Theory serves to complement practice, thus we must take our lessons seriously," he asserted.

Prof. Imurana made these comments at the Jophus Anamuah-Mensah Conference Centre, North Campus, at a day’s seminar for students in the School of Business. The seminar was held under the theme “Creative Destruction: The Future of Today’s Entrepreneurial Firms”.


Prof. Braimah Awiasu Imurana


The keynote speaker for the seminar, Dr. Dasmon Alex Akpabli, encouraged participants to strive to be their own bosses, "I would like to inspire everyone in this room to try to start doing things on their own if you have the skills. It's an effective method for overcoming poverty and achieving self-sufficiency," he stressed.

He underscored the role of entrepreneurship in eradicating poverty, creating jobs, and generating wealth on a worldwide scale.  


The keynote speaker addressing the attendees


“Even the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and living standards of many nations have increased as a result of entrepreneurship. Like engineering and medicine, this field of study known as entrepreneurship is a practice. Every profession, including entrepreneurship, is knowledge-based; the practice of an activity is based on a set of guiding principles. Therefore, there is no chance that you will succeed if you lack the understanding that supports the practice. We must comprehend the underlying theory of this occurrence,” he explained.

Dr. Akpabli advised students to continually evaluate their ideas over time to determine whether they are potentially profitable and variable.


Dr. Dasmon Alex Akpabli


He stressed the need for purposeful, conscious attempts to destroy the fear of change to make room for new things. “We are now living in a time and era where technology is greatly influencing business.”

The speaker pleaded with academics to conduct extensive research to determine the optimum means of incorporating technology like artificial intelligence to address the bulk of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.