A workshop was organised for principals of the Colleges of Education and their representatives on 23rd March, 2016 at the University of Education, Winneba, Winneba campus. The Workshop brought together twenty (20) representatives from selected Colleges of Education. Participating institutions were Ada College of Education, Atebubu College of Education, Dambai College of Education, Mount Mary’s College of Education and Enchi College of Education. The group comprised two (2) Principals, fourteen (14) representatives of selected Colleges of Education, the Committee working on the linkage programme in University of Education, Winneba as well as a three (3) member consortium, representing the interest of UEW. In his welcome statement, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mawutor Avoke reminded the Colleges about the strategic role of the University in ensuring quality education in Ghana and the excitement this brings to him for the University to partner with the selected Colleges of Education to undertake the Project. He expressed his appreciation to the participating institutions and emphasized the significant role of the Chairman and the Committee put in place to oversee the work of the Project and the teacher education programme. In his opening remarks, the Chairman for the workshop, Prof. George Kankam, Principal of the College of Language Education, Ajumako stated that the collaboration had become necessary because the University is passionately interested in ensuring an improvement in the provision of quality education in Ghana and also committed to working with the Colleges of Education in Ghana to upgrade their status into a tertiary level. He noted that initial survey carried out by the University revealed that about 61 per cent of the teachers in the Colleges of Education do not have the requirement to teach in tertiary institutions. As a result, the relationship established would aid in building the capacities of staff of the colleges to meet the requirements needed to teach in tertiary institution. He remarked that the major components of the teacher education programme are the Staff Capacity Development and Mentorship. He again indicated that the programme had been uniquely designed to meet the needs of the Colleges and the package would be sent to the doorstep of the Colleges. The thematic areas of the Project to be worked on by the Colleges and the University were as follows; Trainee teachers’ practical experience of teaching: Professional development of College tutors: Quality teaching and learning materials in Colleges of Education: Girl-friendly and inclusive College of Education: College management development/ improvement and Partnerships between Colleges, Schools and districts. In attendance were the following officers: the Head of SACOST, Prof. Kolawale Raheem, Prof. Yaw Ameyaw, Director of Externally funded Projects Office (EFPO), Mr. Collins Awuku, Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation, EFPO and the three (3)-member consortium hired by the University to assist with the work.