UEW Farm to be Transformed into a Centre of Excellence for Agri-foods Research

The new Manager of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) Farm, Mr. Kwame Ayisi Lartey has disclosed his intention to transform the University farm into a Centre of Excellence for agri-foods research and technology education.  

He added that he would endeavour to make UEW Farm a reliable supply chain of quality and affordable food products for the University community.    

The Farm Manager revealed this in an interview he granted to the Department of Media Relations at his office. 

The new farm manager, Mr. Kwame Ayisi Lartey

“My priority is to build a strong team of farm staff equipped with sustainable agricultural technologies. I want to explore the nutritive benefits of available non-convectional feed resources as cheaper and reliable alternatives. I will also be utilising by-products from the farm enterprises as soil amendments to enhance food and environmental safety, as well as reduce cost of productions,” he averred.  

Mr. Lartey said that the University Farm currently has three farm enterprises namely poultry, piggery and cattle. He stated that the need for new agro enterprises would be informed by market research adding, in the future, he looks into an integrated farming system where his outfit would use manure from the livestock enterprises to nourish the soil for vegetable farming, and intend use culled vegetables and other crop by-products as supplementary feeds. 

“Modern and cheaper aquaculture technologies such as tarpaulin ponds, and concrete ponds will be explored when the need arises. However, infrastructural deficit remains a major challenge. Though, the poultry enterprise can boast of a state of the art farm house, the pig sty and cattle kraal look dilapidated. There also seems to be encroachment of the farm land and some farm staff seem to have limited knowledge on good agriculture practices,” he pointed out. 

The Farm Manager remarked that he would build a strong working relationship with relevant stakeholders to fast track renovations and expansions in the pig and cattle units. “I will do my best to protect the farm land against encroachers and also ensure regular in-service trainings to build capacity of farm staff on efficient and environmentally-friendly agriculture technologies.”

Mr. Lartey hinted that he would work towards reducing operational costs and increasing farm outputs. “I intend to meet nutritional requirements at the least possible cost whilst increasing egg production. In addition, I will put in measures to ensure early weaning, and good post-weaning and finishing managements in the pigs, and cattle to maximise profits for UEW.” 

The young agricultural research and technology professional thanked Management of UEW, stakeholders, and all past and present workers for their contributions towards the sustenance and progress of the farm. “I will call for increased collaboration and commitment. To the media, I will entreat you to periodically focus on the farm and share our success stories with the University community and beyond.” 

Mr. Kwame Ayisi Lartey is a young agricultural research and technology professional. He has many years of experience in agricultural project management and animal research. He holds Master of Agriculture (Animal Nutrition and Feed Science), and Bachelor of Science (Agriculture Technology) degrees from Guangdong Ocean University – China PR, and University for Development Studies – Ghana respectively. 

His area of interest is immune-nutritive benefits of tropical agro resources. He has published four research articles in peer reviewed journals, and presented conference papers, in areas of animal feed safety, phytogenic feed additives, and heat stress mitigation in poultry.