Use of local materials as make-up kits for stage and film productions

Stabbing make up

Makeup is a key element in the transformation of the actor to enhance the illusion that the actor has become the character. However, owing to the unavailability of standard makeup kits on the market, both stage and screen makeup artist are often handicapped in their attempts to create the desired illusion.

To address this challenge, a lecturer at the Theatre Arts department at the University of Education, Winneba Mr. Johnson Edu is exploring ways to use local material for make-up.

In his work, he explore the possibility of identifying local materials that could be convenient substitutes for some traditional western makeup kits, in an attempt to establish a stock of makeup materials for a sustained artistic industry. Ultimately, this exploratory research aims to primarily make available alternative makeup kits for teaching and learning purposes as well as for professional usage for stage and screen. It is hoped that the results of this study would not only provide more cost effective alternatives, but also circumvent the practice whereby many artists utilize inappropriate materials with sometimes, rather not too good effects both on stage and screen.

Mr. Edu is using an explorative research design tinged with experimentation, the author investigates innovative alternative by identifying and developing local food stuff like cassava, plantain and kneaded bread flour among others as makeup inputs.

Mr. Johnson Edu specializes in Technical Theatre: Special Effect, Set Design, Costume Design, Props Design and Sound Effect Design

accident scene make up
make up black as white people
transforming koo fori as JJ Rawlings